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The Camping

Benvenuto, welcome! In 2015 we, Aad en Sigrid, bought an old and abandoned farm (have a look at our renovation adventure on Facebook) in the heart of Le Marche, Italy. Over the past three years we have converted the farm into a wonderful home and an intimate camping with 25 emplacements and one apartment.

The new swimming pool is 14 by 7 meters with a shallow part for our smaller guests (70cm) and unparalleled views to the surrounding hills versus the Monte Nerone and Monte Catria.

We are passionate campers ourselves and have tried to create a campsite we ourselves would love to stay at, meaning, great sanitary facilities, spacious emplacements and an atmosphere where everybody would feel at home without disturbing others.

The campsite is located in the middle of nature, there is no main thoroughfare nearby, no factories and just a few houses in the immediate surrounding of the camping allowing guests to enjoy the serenity and calm. The campsite is part of a 6,5-hectare terrain that is lined with a (small) forest directly accessible from the campground.

Urbino, one of the main Italian Renaissance cities is just 7-8 minutes by car from the campground. Famous as Urbino is with the Italians, it is little known with foreigners just like the Marche region as a whole.

Tourism both in Le Marche and Urbino is still in its infancy allowing visitors to enjoy all the beauty the region has to offer without being overrun by mass tourism! The Marchigiani, the local people, are friendly, hospitable and genuinely curious and always looking for a chat. And it really does not matter if you don’t speak Italian, hands and feet as the universal means of communication are more than enough!

Availability and bookings

Rates per accomodation

Availability and bookings

Rates per accomodation

Rent a fully furnished De Waard Tent

New at Pronto Campi: the fully furnished De Waard Albatros and Zilvermeeuw tents, the classics under the classics! The Albatros stems from the sixties and was designed by old Mr De Waard himself. De Zilvermeeuw is its larger sister and fits 6 people!

De rent a tent is deal for the real camper who does not feel like logging along the Rolls Royce under the tents from home to Italy. Click here voor een afbeelding met de afmetingen van de Albatros.

We have 5 De Waard tents for rent, 3 Albatros suitable for 4 persons and 2 Zilvermeeuw tents. The tents are already set up and furnished to all comfort including comfortable twin size beds, table and chairs, a refrigerator and kitchenette with gas cooker. The luxury you would expect in an apartment but in the atmosphere of real camping!

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The Apartment

Don’t feel like sleeping in a tent? No problem! In that case we can offer a two-person apartment fully renovated in 2017 and furnished to provide you with all comfort.

The apartment boasts a kitchenette, separate bedroom (accessible by spiral staircase), bathroom with shower and toilet and an extra fold out couch allowing for 4 people to stay in the apartment. The apartment has free Wi-Fi and TV on request.

The apartment is located quietly at the rear of the farmhouse, and has its own entrance and access road guaranteeing privacy and tranquility!
The apartment has a little garden behind the farm house where you can enjoy from the spectacular views on the surrounding hills and mountains that define the region.
Of course we invite you to use the other facilities such as the swimming pool and the bar as well!

Availability and bookings

Rates per accomodation

Availability and bookings

Rates per accomodation

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At a stone's throw from Urbino

Rafaello's Renaissance city awaits you!


As said before, Urbino is one of the most significant Italian Renaissance cities next to Florence and the birth place of Rafaello Sanzio. Outside of Italy this has not made Urbino a famous city like Siena or Florence for that matter and there are advantages to that. Even in the midst of Summer one can enjoy the beauty of the Duomo, the Palazzo Ducale and so much more without being overrun by mass tourism!
Urbino is a city full of energy throughout the year and that is (partly) because Urbino is also a University city. About 14,000 students add a lively vibe to the city making Urbino an enjoyable city full of atmosphere both in Summer and Winter!

In addition to the Renaissance architecture and the fact that Rafello was born in Urbino, there is yet another reason why Urbino is worthy of a visit. Urbino was also the home of Federico da Montefeltro, nicknamed Il Duca, one of the great condottieri or military leaders of his age. As condottiere Federico never lost a battle and – contrary to many of his contemporaries – he never allowed money to prevail over honor. Federico used the proceeds from the battles to make Urbino into the leading humanist city it is now famous for with the largest library in the nation second only to the Vatican’s and a palace that is the hallmark of Urbino and still captivates the minds of those who visit it!

The influence of the (Catholic) church is also very noticeable in Urbino; there are dozens of churches and chapels (in Italian named oratorio) worth a visit like the beautiful Oratorio San Giovanni Battista (John the Baptist). The Urbino must-see however is the Duomo, a church built originally in 1021 and further developed under the supervision of Federico da Montefeltro. The Duomo was reconstructed to her current splendor after the earth quake of 1789.

Follow in the footsteps of Federico and Rafaello

So much to see and to do!

Le Marche: Italy in one province!


Federico fought many opponents but his nemesis were the Malatesta (Italian for headache) under the leadership of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, ruler over Rimini, a city sitting on the coast of Emilia-Romagna, the region to the north of the Marche.

The Pronto Campi campsite finds itself just inside the Pesaro-Urbino province of the Marche, but it is definitely worth taking a trip or two to the Rimini province in Emilia-Romagna!

The history of the battling families of Montefeltro and Malatesta can be seen in the fascinating landscape filled with castles, palaces and fortresses that can be visited in a radius of about 50km around the campsite.

Castles like the one in Gradara and the fortress of San Leo are unique in its kind because of their structure, their history and the state they are still in today but also Gubbio, just over the regional border with Umbria is well worth a visit!

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The Palio

And then there is a category of holiday fun that is unique to Italy: The phenomenon Palio. According to the dictionary, it is a horse race between the neighborhoods of a town or village, but that is far from true in all cases.

You can not think of it as crazy or a Palio is made of it. In the immediate vicinity of camping Pronto Campi you can for example find a Palio where the participants climb on stilts on a fairly steep road, or a Palio where a frog on a push cart is driven over a course.

The Palio parties have at least one thing in common: there is always a lot of food and drink that is enjoyed at long tables with the locals. Highly recommended to experience such a Palio and that is very easy because the Palio season lasts from the end of April to September when the holidays in Italy are over.

Besides the Palio there are also the ‘regular’ Festa and Sagre, parties where on average no rivalry is central but a certain meal or ingredient. Again, the Italians’ creativity knows no bounds and there are celebrations for the Grape, the Chestnut, the Tagliatella (a kind of pasta) or the local specialty of Urbino, the Crescia Sfogliata. The latter, called La Sagra della crescia sfogliata in full (sagra is contest), is about who can prepare such a sandwich fastest. Of course nobody is interested in the winner but it is all about socializing, eating, drinking and a dance on the dance floor accompanied by the local band.

For an active holiday


The Marche are known as Italy in one region and rightfully so; between the hills of Montefeltro and the beaches of Sirolo one would think they are in different countries, maybe different continents!

Every tourist visiting the Marche will fall in love with the diversity Nature has to offer. The Italian hiking association CAI has plotted dozens if not hundreds of trails all throughout the region some of which depart directly from the campsite.

Looking for more adventure? Why not go to the Monte Nerone, a mountain 1500 meters high that allows for numerous hikes starting for example from medieval Piobbico. Don’t underestimate the climb though as even a day’s walk probably won’t take you to the top but it will allow you to take in breathtaking views in all directions while immersing yourself in nature!

If you would like to see something even more unusual why not visit the underground world in the caves of Onferno or the ancient corridors under the city of Ancona or the city caves in Santarcangelo di Romagna.

Finally, to see a really unique work of Nature the Gola del Furlo are a must see! This gorge which is the result of the river Metauro eroding the surrounding mountains for centuries offers a sanctuary for fauna and flora and in the summertime is heavenly place to visit where you can swim and fish in the river.

Get your hiking boots ready!

180 kilometers of beach

The Beaches

Looking for a less active vacation? With 180 km of beach lined coast the Marche are also perfectly suited for a relaxing vacation on the many beaches the region has to offer!

You can choose to go the beaches in The Marche, starting with Pesaro at just 30km from the campsite or travel north or south to find the famous beaches of Rimini, Cattolica and Gabicce Mare in Emilia Romagna or Fano, Senigallia, Ancona and Sirolo to the south. Admittedly, Sirolo is a bit of a drive, but if you would like to spend some time in paradise, it certainly is worth the drive especially in combination with a visit to the caves of Frasassi!

Your beach chair awaits you!


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